Types of coil springs

Cylindrical springs

The „classic coil spring“ has a centric middle line. It is often used in double wishbone suspension systems. By using different winding distances the spring gets a progressive spring characteristic.

Minibloc springs

To achieve certain driving-dynamical characteristics a progressive rated spring is helpful. An particularly space saving variant is the minibloc spring – springs with tapered wire and conical cross-sections. Because of the short life expectancy and high claim rates many manufacturer of automobiles do not use them any more in the latest model-generations.

Optimised minibloc springs

CS-Germany© developed optimised minibloc springs, which are manufactured from cylindrical spring steel. This ensures a lifespan that is at least three times longer than compared to the classic minibloc springs. The optimised springs of CS-Germany© look different from factory-made minibloc springs (form, height, wire thickness, number of windings, etc.). But these differences do not affect either the function of the spring or the ride height of the car.

    Side load springs (banana-springs)

    Side load springs are often used to compensate transvers forces of McPherson struts. Unloaded the line of force is slanting against the axle of the shock absorber. Side loads are compensated this way.


    Are used on the rear axle and can bounce on an arc circle. The space and tensions are optimized.
    Those springs are normally combined with elasto-buffers, forming together a progressive spring rate.