FAQ – Coil springs

Why should springs be changed only in pairs?
Springs should always be changed in pairs for safety reasons. Different heights and spring rates have an adverse influence on the driving performance. This usually results in longer braking distances and increased tyre wear.

Why do coil springs break?
Spring fractures are predominantly caused by corrosion. Mechanical damages (stone chipping) and de-icing salt inevitably lead to corrosion and spring fracture.
Notice: DVM report 678 “Component reliability – damages and their avoidance”

Can the coil springs made by CS-Germany© be used for sports suspensions, level control, vehicles used for taxi operations etc.?
The coils should be used only if this has been explicitly mentioned.

When does it make sense to install reinforced springs?
If the vehicle is deployed under difficult conditions or is equipped with additional drive systems which influence the kerb weight, then we recommend installation of our reinforced springs.

By how much does the load bearing capacity of a reinforced CS-Germany© spring increase?
Our HD springs are approximately 20% stronger than standard springs. As the spring travel is shorter, reinforced springs are lower than conventional coil springs. Installation of our HD springs does not change the ride height of the empty car.

Why are the new, reinforced springs lower than my old standard springs?
As HD springs are stronger, they have a shorter spring travel. The lower overall height therefore guarantees the same ride height.

How long is my warranty?
We offer 10 years manufacturer’s warranty on all CS-Germany© coil springs. For further details, please refer to our general terms and conditions.

Which spring steel is used for manufacturing the CS springs?
CS-Germany© coil springs are made exclusively from high quality chrome silicon or chrome vanadium spring steel from renowned manufacturers.

How many different coil springs can CS-Germany© deliver?
We manufacture around 3,400 different types of springs for over 44,000 applications.

Can CS-Germany© deliver all springs ex warehouse?
We always keep a stock of 300,000 coil springs on a floor area of 4,000 sqm. Therefore approximately 98% of all orders can be delivered directly from the warehouse.

Why are the coil springs of CS-Germany© not colour coded?
To compensate for fabrication tolerances, coil springs are often classified into load groups (marked by up to three different colour bars). However, the difference between a load group is on average only between 15 and 30 kg. The coil springs of CS-Germany© are produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities with lowest fabrication tolerances. Hence, colour coding can be dispensed with, and we are able to optimise the delivery program and simplify the classification.